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Elgin Independent School District

Elgin ISD Changes Lives

When your child misses school, he is missing opportunities to learn, socialize, gain confidence, and be inspired. Each year, Central Texas students are absent 2.4 million days of school. Many of these absences were potentially preventable, including routine medical or dental checkups, traveling, or just skipping. This guide has easy tips for you so you can make sure your children don’t miss out.

Contact Information
BTW Elementary School
Phone (512) 281-3411
• Nancy Hutchison, Registrar
   Extension 1403
Elgin Elementary School
Phone (512) 281-3457 
• Lynnet Schwartz, Registrar
   Extension 1303
Neidig Elementary School
Phone (512) 281-9702
• Rachelle Hudson, Registrar
   Extension 1603
Elgin Middle School
Phone (512) 281-3382
• Alicia Woehl, Registrar
   Extension 1503
• Erika Bryant, Attendance Clerk
   Extension 1579
Elgin High School
• Joy Arnhamn, Registrar
   Extension 1103
• Pam Stalberger, Attendance Clerk
   Extension 1183
• Lisa Smith, Truancy Officer
   Extension 1072
Phoenix High School
• Carole Foehner, Administrative Assistant
   Extension 1905  
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