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Records Retention ProceduresCampus and departments should, on an annual basis, review the following instructions concerning records; to ensure the efficient, and effective control over school district records consistent with requirements of the Texas Local Government Records.
  • Find out how long to keep campus and department records by accessing the following links:
  • How do I destroy records or send records to storage? A log of records eligible for destruction and a log of records to be stored must be maintained. The principal or department supervisor should sign for permission to destroy or send records to storage.
  • Storage boxes for retention use  are provided by the district and can be obtained by contacting the Business office. Records to be destroyed should be packed in boxes no larger than a copy paper box (storage boxes should not be used to pack records to be destroyed). Records destruction will be scheduled annually in the fall to give each campus / department time to prepare. The Business office will notify the campus / department offices of the scheduled dates for records to be picked up by the Maintenance department.

For more information, contact:
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